MMC’s Gift to You: 12 Tips to Get the Most Out Of Your Media Coverage


Family. Friends. Football. Parades. Pumpkin Pie. Mashed Potatoes. Media Exposure? As the warm aroma of apple pie fills our kitchens this Thanksgiving, we all feel inspired to give. As a tribute to our professional relationship with you, the team at Magas Media Consultants, LLC (MMC) has prepared 12 tips to get the most out of your positive media coverage. While maybe not as tempting as turkey and gravy, these are ideas that work. Start using them now and improve your prospects for a happy holiday season and prosperous New Year. Enjoy these 12 holiday gifts to maximize your media coverage:

  1. Share your media clips and company happenings with your social media fans and followers. Facebook, LinkedIn (don’t forget LI Groups) and Twitter are natural venues for this activity. Copy the link to your coverage, drop it into a status update or tweet, make a brief comment and send it out.
  2. If your coverage has strong visual elements, consider using picture-based social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Then share those updates through your other social media accounts.
  3. Does your media coverage answer a question or solve a problem? It might be appropriate to share it through LinkedIn Answers or Quora.
  4. Are you using email marketing tools such as Constant Contact or MailChimp? Make your media clip the topic of an email blast.
  5. Do you have a blog? Use your clip as the springboard for one or more blog posts. Expand on the ideas or add commentary that your followers will appreciate.
  6. Frame print stories and hang them in the president’s office, lobby or waiting room. Framed copies can also dress up conference rooms and employee interview spaces if you have them.
  7. Turn your best coverage – or excerpts from your coverage – into printed sales materials. Consider article reprints, brochures, and other elements of your sales kits.
  8. Send media clips to venture capitalists or your company’s banking institutions.
  9. Distribute your coverage to your company or organization’s strategic partners.
  10. Mail your media clips to trade associations representing your company’s industry. A well-written note explaining the significance of the media coverage could get you an introduction to speak at trade events or to write a piece for that entity’s media (e.g., website, guest blog, print).
  11. Incorporate your coverage into your company’s website. Be sure to include links to the full article if it is available online.
  12. Do you have prospects that have gone cold? Positive media exposure can be just the catalyst you need to move the prospect from cold to warm, hot and closed! A short email like this, including a link to your coverage can do it: “When we last spoke, we discussed my company’s ability to serve your needs. Maybe this coverage in the Wall Street Journal will help you in your decision making. Let’s talk soon!”

Strategically sharing your media coverage in important publications or on TV or radio is one step in the PR process to increase your company’s name recognition and credibility, attract new clients, drive sales, and make people understand why it is worth paying your price for your product or services. When you or your organization have been featured in online, print, television or radio media outlets, you can multiply the value of your coverage by planning and executing a consistent process that incorporates some or all of these tips. Give these ideas a chance, and let us know if you have questions. We look forward to celebrating your success and seeing you alongside our clients in FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Business Week, USA Today, Forbes, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, Bloomberg Radio, AP, and NPR!

Ron and Jennifer are a husband and wife team who own MMC, a PR agency that combines the best of traditional PR with an online PR approach. They talk fast, and together wear many hats: PR strategist, professor, lawyer, writer, speaker, trainer, parent, and marathoner(s). Go ahead. Try and keep up with them if you can.

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