The Magas Media Blog is MMC’s Public Relations intelligence blog, which offers practical strategies and successful tips for PR programs, information about trends in the public relations community, and the most up-to-date news regarding MMC’s initiatives and successes. Our blog entries from our president and media relations consultants offer advice and information on how to use strategic communications to propel your business forward. The Magas Media Blog is creatively designed to strategically target topics that are relevant to current colleagues and clients and result in increased overall PR intelligence in order to help get your message across, no matter what the Public Relations challenge.

Who We Are

After over a decade of working in New York City for media, communications and public relations agencies, Ron Magas decided it was time for a change. Having designed integrated communications programs on behalf of some of the world’s most respected brands, Ron used his experience, knowledge, and expertise to start his own public relations agency. In 2003, Ron founded Magas Media Consultants, LLC (MMC).

Through perseverance, long hours, and a dedication to providing his clients with expertise and personalized service, Ron quickly established MMC as one of the most well-respected public relations agencies. Comprised of senior-level media relations consultants, MMC also partners with a vast network of professionals who assist in developing public relations programs that combine media relations, marketing and professional writing solutions.

MMC has successfully placed front-page articles on our clients in noteworthy local, national and global publications, and has also placed them on both local, national, and global television and radio stations. MMC’s client base ranges from small businesses to nationally known companies, products, and services.

Contact MMC today to learn how we can increase your company’s bottom line, reputation and visibility in the marketplace. We look forward to your becoming a part of MMC’s family of satisfied clients.


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