Public Relations: Know it and Use it


Every independent consultant and small business owner is personally challenged with finding the right mix of high-impact, low cost marketing programs. Mention the word “marketing” and traditional advertising venues such as print, radio, direct mail and cable TV, immediately come to mind. Yet, the most cost-effective way to reach your audience is through public relations.

Public relations (PR) is often misunderstood; you may consider it a “nice-to-have” luxury, or a big ticket business expense that can only be handled with the help of a high-priced PR firm. This is not the case! PR is all about visibility, credibility, image and reputation. The goal of PR: to earn understanding and support as well as influence opinion and behavior.

PR is a planned and sustained effort—more like a marathon, rather than a sprint – to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between you and your public. In simpler terms, PR is accurate, consistent, and timely communications that convey the  right message to the right audience.

The term “public relations” is often used interchangeably with “media relations.” In reality, “media relations” is one tactical element of PR – however, by far, it is the most  essential component of a public relations program. The media are a crucial and vitally important community through which you can reach your target audiences.

It takes a combination of focus, hard work, time, determination, and just a little dash of luck, to build and maintain a successful business image. As long as you are proactive about staying in front of your target audiences by working closely with us to keep your message consistently in the press, you will soon earn your audience’s respect and business. Once this happens, you will know firsthand how powerful good PR can be!

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